Company Overview


Virtual coins is a financial holding company made by professionals for individuals, which provides financial and investment services in bitcoin trading. We offer a wide range of investment services; sophisticated risk management cause we believe that everyone should benefit from the trading and be able to have access to the newest technologies on large scale industrial data from laptop or a mobile phone. One of our highlighted areas of work is that we offer 0% fee for bitcoin trading & wallet service.

At the core of Virtual Coins, innovation and a dedicated team with a passion towards building world class bitcoin trading platform that is centered on Bitcoin ecosystem (Blockchain). We have built the world’s simplest bitcoin trading & wallet service for merchants. Virtual coins provide dealer gateway service for businesses to accept bitcoin as a mode of payment and OTC (Over the Counter) Trade allows users to trade in bulk.

Bitcoin’s future is a very bright, safe and secure and our aim is to expand this technology in all area of business for growth of our investors and our company too. If our clients are growing then it is way easy for us also to grow with them.

With the rise in this secure digital currency, our motto is to promote digitalization of India. With a resource more secure, more efficient why not choose it? We charge 0% fee for Bitcoin trading & wallet service, helping you with low cost Bitcoin transactions.Welcoming you to the world of Bitcoin is easier with us. We will help you trade and invest money through Bitcoin trading. Contact us or download our app to get started.